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Battery Storage:

Adding a battery storage system to your solar PV installation will store the unused energy generated from your solar panels for use when the sun's gone down.


Benefits of solar battery storage include:

  • Battery storage systems can be easily retro-fitted to existing solar PV systems
  • Further reduce your energy bills by reducing your reliance on 'The Grid' 
  • Your Feed-in-Tariff & Export Tariff will remain unaffected
  • Reduce your reliance on The Grid and get greater control over your energy costs
  • In the event of a power cut some battery systems are able to supply emergency power to dedicated circuits
StorEdge & LG Chem batteries:

We also install SolarEdge optimised PV systems and their seamlessly integrated StorEdge & LG Chem battery storage solutions.


These DC coupled systems are highly efficient and their powerful monitoring platform allows you to track PV production, battery state and household loads to ensure you're getting the best value from your system.